Core Competency

UFC provides cost-effective services and diversified products with high quality to the world's leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Production Facility & Equipments

UFC is not only a manufacturer of qualified products, but also a provider with flexible manufacturing capabilities to meet customers' needs.

  • Stainless Reactors: 50-10,000L (15-2,600 US gal.)
  • Glass-lined Reactors: 50-15,000L (15-3,900 US gal.)
  • Hydrogenation Reactors: 1,500-6,300L (390-1,600 US gal.)
  • Reaction Pressure: up to 60 kg/cm2 (58.8 bar)
  • Stainless / Polypropylene-lined Centrifuges
  • Pressurized / Micro-porous Filters
  • Vacuum Distillation Tower
  • Rectification Facilities
  • High-temperature Reactor up to 280℃
  • Special Purification Equipment for Heat Sensitive Material
  • Thin-film / Short-path Evaporators of Glass and Stainless Steel